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Weathered Wood Grunge

1. Emboss a texture into grunge using a Texture Fade or embossing folder.

2. Pait over the entire piece using a paint dabber. Blend paint into all of the areas includind the recessed part. Allown paint to dry completely.

3.Sand over the raised texture on the grunge using aa sanding grip. The flat base of the sander lets you sand just the high points. Remove the dust.

4. Ink over the entire grunge piece with a brown color distress ink using an ink blending tool.

5. Mist a cloth or paper towel  with water using a mini mister.

6. Lightly swipe the damp cloth over the grunge to remove the distress ink from the raised areas. The ink has stained any of the sanded and exposed grunge.




Distress ink

Walnut stain ink is one of my favorite items to use to distress and age different elements on scrapbook pages. These tags show a variety of techniques that will achievty of  looks.

Fif. 1 Dip the tag in the ink once for a slightly aged look. Let dry, then dip a second time for a darker shade.

Fif. 2 Paint the tag with ink, let partially dry, and then spray whit water or additional ink. Noyice how the ink or water blends to create soft mottled patterns.

Fig. 3  Mix beverage crystals or food coloring whith the ink for differents colors.Here I used red.


Grunse Bord Crack


Benodighede. Distress Grackle Paint, Paper stain inkpad, Thick Embossing poeier, heat gun

Metode: Sny grungebord in die vorm wat jy gaan gebruik. Bedek die grungebord met die distress crackle paint. Sodra dit droog is sit een laag embossing poeier oor en maak warm met heat gun. Bedek dan weer met een laag crackle paint. Los dit tot dit droog word en dit  begin kraak. Skuur rante en ink.



Handgemaakte Kaartjie

Handgemaakte Uitnodigingskaartjie, vir Universiteit van Limpopo Jaareindfunksie, verskaf op aanvraag, op 27 November 2012







Benodighede.Embossing masjien(cuttelbug), Thick embossing poeier, Embossing pad

Metode :Emboss  jou cardstock met cuttelbug. Vat dan jou embossing pad en bedek die hele prent(vlinder). Strooi dan die thick embossing poeier oor. Skud al die oortollioge poeier af en maak warm met heat gun tot poeier smelt.


Home Made Paper

Handgemaakte Papier

Benodighede. Paper Perfect, Roos blare

Metode: Sny roos blare baie fyn. Neem dan van die paper perfect en meng die roosblare met die produk. Smeer op oppervlakte. Produk neem+- 24uur om droog te word