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Tutorial #2 – Dye Permanent

Stazon, Whispers



These ink pads can be used on almost any surface and, unlike the water based pads mentioned above, will dry on non-porous surfaces such as glossy and semi-glossy card and acetate too. They give a clean, crisp image and are permanent when dry. This means that they will be fade resistant and you can use any colouring medium and be confident that the outlines won’t ‘bleed’. They aren’t water soluble so it might be a good idea to wear old clothes or an apron (although this last piece of advice might apply to just me!!)

Rubber Stamping Tutorial #1 – Ink Pads & Inks

inkpad illustration small

These are just a small sample of my ink pad stash!

Many people are put off rubber stamping by the huge array of ink pads that are available. Trying to find the right ones for what you want can be an expensive matter of trial and error so the object of this workshop is to help you to find the right type of ink for the job you want it to do. Although I’ve given the names of some of the brands as I’ve talked about the different types, this is by no means an exhaustive list of what is available and is just intended as a guideline.

Adirondak, Memento, Memories, Marvy, Impress, Kaleidacolor, Big & Juicy, Ink it up

These are just some of the water based dye inks available. Most of them I have used and some not, but they all behave in similar ways. They usually dry quickly on porous surfaces and are washable should you get them on yourself. Which one to choose will come down to the job you want it to do and personal preference but they will all give a crisp clean image. They can vary in price and for some people that can be a consideration – particularly when you are just starting out. It’s worth noting that some of them are available in small as well as large sizes which can considerably reduce the initial outlay when you need a good range of colours in a short space of time.

They are available as single colours and some, such as Adirondak, Kaleidacolor and Big and Juicy also do a range of multicoloured pads which are wonderful for brayered backgrounds. (We will cover brayered backgrounds in another tutorial).

These ink pads can also be used to add colour to your images by pressing a piece of acetate, plastic or if the design of the container will allow, the lid, onto the pad then using a paint brush to pick up the colour. Any colour not used on this occasion can be left to dry and re-activated with water for use another time.

You can add colour to images stamped with these pads if the media you use is non water based such as dry chalks or pencils. Water colours etc would cause the outlines of your stamped image to ‘bleed’.



Gedagte vir die week

Twee vaar beter as een. Hulle inspanning kom tot iets. As die een val, kan die ander hom ophelp. Maar as een vaal wat alleen is, is daar niemand om hom op te help nie.